My first post on Hyoukablog

The Kotenbu celebrates the defeat of my procrastination

Hello, and welcome to my first post on Hyoukablog! I have been meaning to make this blog for a while now, but have never found the time nor energy to put effort into making a full on blog.

Although the name is Hyoukablog, I do not intend to restricting all content to just Hyouka, as there are many other anime and manga that I have a great interest in. Although this blog is primarily Hyouka focused, it will be a place that I can post my opinions and thoughts on other anime and manga that I have an interest in.

I also wanted to try and archive a lot of Hyouka and the more obscure features of it. Another thing I plan to do is upload my Hyouka collection, which has many things that I couldn’t find much information about on the internet.

So whether you like Hyouka (or anime in general) please have a look around, and expect much more to come soon!


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